Tonbridge AC Winter Training

These points are aimed at all distance runners. They apply to all ages and we request that adults running with the groups help provide a positive example to younger athletes.

Prior to training it’s always good to have an idea of what is organised. Sessions and runs planned are posted at TAC Distance Runners under Training Planned

Everyone must wear high visibility (hi-vis) clothing, when running outside in the dark (hi-vis vests available at £10 each). Not wearing hi-vis kit will mean that you are excluded from training with the group.

You must report in to the coaches of your group for registration. Please listen to the coach briefings and observe recommendations.

As training briefs start before 6.30pm please be ready to meet your coaches and listen carefully to instructions. Quiet is needed at this stage.

Ensure that whenever possible that crossing of main roads is carried out at pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.

Do not ever simply follow the runner in front across any road. Always check thoroughly for your own safety.

Adults running with the training groups have a responsibility to observe safety measures and not to lead children across roads, against the coaches’ recommendations.

When on a group run, if the athlete has lost sight of group in front and does not know the way: Stop and wait for runners behind.

Help with younger age groups appreciated for some road courses, so points are marshaled - please liaise with coaches.

Ensure that you bring a change of clothes, recovery drink and snack for after. That first 20 minutes after training is vital for recovery.

Please change out of damp shirts etc. These measures help reduce the risk of illness, as the body’s immune system is susceptible immediately after hard exercise.

The Judd School

We also use the sports hall at Judd on Wednesdays for circuit training.

Arrival at Judd by car - please be careful parking and dropping off, as it can be busy, with plenty of pedestrians and runners around.

No playing with Judd School equipment, including throwing and kicking of balls in sports halls.