Welcome to an area of the site dedicated to training, with tips and advice to help you with your workouts. But remember that every athlete is different; what works for one may not work for you. At the very least use common sense and listen to you own body. If you can, get advice specific to your needs by seeking help from a qualified coach.

Should you be interested in either joining the the Club or attending a taster session please click here or copy and paste the following link into your browser:

then please use the New Member button above top middle of the page displayed and select taster membership to make your enquiry.

Please do NOT come to the Club without first making a "taster membership" enquiry and then waiting for an invite from our taster coordinator.You will NOT be able to join in until you have been registered with the Taster Co-ordinator and have received a time and date to arrive at the club.

9 and 10 Year Olds




Monday* 6:30pm to 7:30pm 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Wednesday 6:30pm to 7:30pm 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Please arrive at 6:15 for registration
* Not Bank/Public Holidays

11 Year Olds - Senior




Tuesday 6pm onwards 6:15pm to 7:30pm 6:30pm to 8pm
Thursday 6pm onwards 6:15pm to 7:30pm
    Tonbridge School Sports Hall if weather dictates Judd School Sports Hall, Brook St. Tonbridge, TN9 2PN
Sunday 9am to 1pm 9am to 1pm  
    Note: Sunday sessions by arrangement with your Coach  

Please Click Here for Winter Training Safety Notes

Warm-up If you don't warm up properly you will not perform at your best and you're more likley to get injured. Here are 15 dynamic warm-up exercises for you to try.
Form Some tips from our very own Graeme Saker on how to obtain good running form.
Michael Johnson Read about how the great man himself structures his 400m races.
Allen Graffin A sample of Allen's training schedule around the time he was running at his best.
Hurdles Here's a couple of workouts for 110 metre hurdlers. These are borrowed from a great site called Hurdles First.
Speed A couple of good speed sessions for sprinters.
Intervals This section is aimed at 10k runners. Interval running will help improve your race performances. This article will explain why and gives you some workouts to try.

Articles will be added over time so please pop back