Course at Tonbridge AC on the 22nd October 2017 - 9.00am – 3pm

All courses need to be registered and paid for prior to the closing date.

Click on the news and events tag, which is at the top on the left side of the screen.
Then select Courses.
Then click on officials courses available.
Then click on the Assistance Official or Level 1 course.
Go to Pages 2 and 3.  Note the page number can change as new courses are added.

Everyone needs to do the health and safety course so sign in for that. This is at 9.30am on the 22nd October at Tonbridge.

Then you can either do the field course or the track course at Tonbridge.

Field SO/0424FD
Track SO/0424TR

 The cost is £30 which includes the health and safety costs.

The club will reimburse you the £30 cost after you have registered. You will need to do an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This you can do on line if you want to. This will be needed to get your licence.

Closing date is 13th October so please do it right away!!!!

 A Course at Bexley DA6 7DA on the 4th November 2017. This will include Staring, Timekeeping and photo finish if interested.

Same as above but pages 3 and 4.

Field LO0137FJ
Track LO0137TJ
Photo Finish LO0137PF
Timekeeping LO0137TK
Starter LO0137SM

The cost is £30 which includes the health any safety costs.

Closing date is 2nd November so please do it right away!!!!

Again, the club will reimburse you and costs.