Tonbridge School Track Closure

Please note that whilst the track is being refurbished, it is absolutely essential that TAC members do not enter within the fenced off area surrounding the track and its immediate vicinity.

Apart from the School fields (through the gate and across the public footpath), the only other area that may be used is the Shot Putt, Long/Triple Jump and Pole Vault area. This may only be accessed from the lower car park behind the Astro Hockey Pitch, which is also currently being refurbished. Facing the hockey pitch in the lower car park, there is a sign "--> Spectator Area". Follow the footpath behind the fence of the hockey pitch, parallel with the public footpath, past the blackberry bushes to the Shot Putt / Jumps area. Exit in the reverse direction.

Please DO NOT attempt to enter or access this area via the basketball court or pathways between the the Sports Centre and the Hockey Pitch.

Under no circumstances may access be gained to the Shot Putt / Jumps area from the gate above the steps close to the home straight.

Please speak to your Coach if there are any questions regarding training sessions normally held at the track.