Track and Field Officials

I would like to appeal to all of you out there that help the club with officiating duties or would like to.

We have a need in the club for qualified officials that can help with our home matches and lighten the burden that falls on just a few of us.

If we have lots of people who are qualified to call on, it would make lighter work all round.  There would then be no need to do every meeting. We are willing to help you achieve this.  My biggest fear is that the club will not continue developing athletes like it should and we will not be able to get results onto power of ten so athletes may even go to other clubs!!

The results for our open meetings have been even harder to get onto power of ten due to us not having the correct level officials. Long throws have been problematic and they continue to be an issue. Photo finish does not want to come to Tonbridge as they need to cart the kit so far. Without photo finish, we need to have more timekeepers and track judges.

If we are to continue to develop athletes as a club we need level 2 officials. Where do these people come from I hear you ask?  They are people like me, who started by helping and enjoyed it so much I thought I would do a course and get qualified. People will tell you I had no intention of going up to National level but that is where I have landed. Everyone can go as far as the wish to, you are in control.

We should not have to rely on other clubs to run our home meetings, as we have more than 800 members. The coaches give up their time every week to train the athletes. All I am asking is for some of you or maybe a lot of you to give up some of your time to help record the athlete’s efforts in competitions at Tonbridge. Who wants to travel when we can hold our own open meetings? We just need qualified officials to do this.

I have arranged a track and field course to be held at Tonbridge on the 22nd October - please click here for details. The club will reimburse you any costs and there is a guide to help you fill out the required form to get started.   You need to go to the England Athletics web site Then follow the guide to enrol for the course.

I will end, by thanking everyone who has helped the club this Summer. We are very grateful.