TAC Masters Update 4th April 2019

World Masters Indoor Championships – Torun, Poland – 24th To 30th March

Report by Alan Newman...

Ian Crawley, Alan Newman and Sue James were privileged to join 390 other athletes in the GB Masters team for the World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor (WMACI) held in the Medieval walled city of Torun in Poland. See website: https://wmaci2019.com/

The British team was the third largest of 88 competing nations behind hosts Poland (870) and nearby Germany (475) as a record 4,345 participants entered. The championships also include a cross country team race, 10K and half marathon road races, road walks and outdoor 'winter throws' competitions.

The final medal tally for GB was 60 gold; 58 silver and 48 bronze (166) for fourth place behind Germany, USA and Poland. We are able to report that our TAC trio added two team silver and one individual bronze to the British haul after an exhausting week of athletics.

Memories taken away from Poland include the friendly locals; cheap prices for everything; rubbing shoulders with former Olympians and witnessing world age-group records on a daily basis – so inspiring. But most of all the fantastic camaraderie between nations and especially the great support for GB athletes from team mates, officials and the hard working physios.  

Results Summary

Sunday 24th March
M65 3000m Final: 16 Alan Newman 12:12.13 SB – Club Record

Monday 25th March
M65 8K Cross Country: 11 Alan Newman 36:25 – GB Team Silver
W65 8K Cross Country: 11 Sue James 46:09 GB Team Silver

Wednesday 27th March
M65 10K Road: 9 Alan Newman 42:48 SB – Club Record

Thursday 28th March
W65 800m Final: 7 Sue James 3:47.02

Friday 29th March
M65 1500m Heat: 10 Alan Newman 5:44.86 – Club Record

Ian Crawley Reports On His Pentathlon

So up at 2.30 Sunday morning to get Ryan Air flight to Bydgoszcz ( don't ask). Paid extra to get a seat inside the aircraft.
Arrived in time to Register and Declare ( separate processes DW!) by the deadline.  First Hurdle overcome. Unfortunately missed Alan and Ben in 3000m.  Managed light training session.

Monday out early to watch XC, found a good viewing area to see different points of the course.  Alan and Ben in action , Alan ploughing a lonely furrow most of the way  to finish 11th.  Ben at the front stretching the elastic a bit more every lap as others gradually lost touch until finally it snapped and he pulled away for the win - WORLD CHAMPION!- so good to watch!  Made me want to do XC again!  Mmm!
Then inside for my HJ individual.  Entered this as a loosener and to get used to everything with no real expectations as I have been jumping poorly this season. Was rewarded with 1.60 PB and so close to next height; 11th place. Real boost going into Pentathlon.

Tuesday - light training Hurdles and SP and watched hours of athletics.  As those of you who have followed the action will know, there are some frankly otherworldly athletes out there.

Wednesday - D Day.  Fortunately H hour for me was 1300 which gave me a long time to have a massive breakfast and get everything moving. Few niggles but nothing insurmountable .  36 entries with 30 making the start line.  From the marks registered looked like about 10 -12 athletes could be in the mix.  Given my indoor season I was not optimistic but hoped for top 5.  Hurdles first and I managed to get myself ready and focused pretty well with nerves really under control. Was rewarded with 10.40 PB and Richards's club record; which I have been hunting down for a while.  Wasn't very happy as I thought I needed more, but not a disaster.  LJ next and despite needing about 10 practice jumps to get my run up right ( 50cm longer than usual), opened with 4.92 indoor PB.  2nd jump would have been better but I had slightly dragged my hand on landing. Was looking for 5 plus but again reasonably happy.  On the plus side the flys began dropping; as the arrogant Frenchman (if that's not tautological) pulled out.  SP next.  At the moment this generally involves excruciating pain in my shoulder and has been going badly this season.  Sure enough started badly .  However managed to pull out a season's best of 9.97 with my last throw.  Awful technique, so much scope for more, but quite pleased.  Felt like I had had my best start to a Multi ever with two favourite events left to come.  Was super confident on HJ after Monday but only managed a slightly disappointing 1.57.  1000m to come.  I had been looking forward to this all day as I knew all the others were not.  Told the French guy ( eventual silver medalist)  I was aiming for 3:00 and saw the fear in his eyes, but I knew I was too far behind to catch him.  But there were a bunch about 200-250 points ahead of me vying for bronze.  I had forgotten my tables, so couldn't do the calculation exactly to work out the time needed.  There are Aps that do this for you but there is more chance of me flying to the moon than being able to handle Internet Aps.  So guessed I needed to put roughly 27-30 s into the bunch. Thought someone might do 3:30 so aimed for 3:00.  I was totally psyched up and went for it from the gun.  It was painful from the 2nd lap onwards but managed, for a change, not to jack halfway through, the lap times fell away but not disastrously - all under 40s, to finish with 3:10 PB.  Total points 3717 PB and very quickly learnt that was enough for bronze.

Could NOT believe it and warmed down in an empty arena at about 8pm with a massive grin on my face and almost got emotional. Apart from the result felt like I managed the day really well, ate well, stayed focused, managed the pressure and produced when it mattered.

After only a few beers in the evening could hardly walk in a straight line back to my hotel.

Thursday PV, again starting at a civilised time.  Managed to find a pole that I got on with and produced a reasonable 3.05 for 12th place (not last) close to 3.20 Kit Kat height ( definitely going to happen this season).

Friday Hurdles early.  By this stage my body was screaming at me; but probably hurdled my best race, albeit a tad slower than Wednesday.  Didn't make the final but wasn't expecting to. 10th place.

Saturday .  Didn't make the cut for the relays.  Watched Sue get 6th in 1500m. The GB party in the evening was as usual interesting. Did my usual 2 hour cardio routine, danced near all the attractive women and pretended I was dancing with them. Then left early when the music got too loud and I realised I'd come out in my carpet slippers. Absolutely knackered!

Up at 6am to head home.

A great week -Torun was a fabulous venue; hotel was cheap (£8 a night) and better than a rolled up newspaper in a septic tank; food was good and likewise cheap; the people were friendly if slightly bemused; and the athletics was inspirational in so many ways.  There are clearly some superstar athletes at the very top of the tree, but I recommend to all TAC Vets that you look at the results  for your age and event and you will be surprised at how competitive you could be.

Back home and planned weeks rest has already given way to a beasting in the gym! Hard work trumps talent!    

Ben Reynolds won Gold in the 6km XC race which helped to make up for his frustrations from the 3000m race the previous day.    He had got badly boxed on the first bend and by the time he had got out his rival for the title Guy Bracken (GB) had pushed on and established a lead of about 60m.  Ben set off after him but the effort of this eventually caught up as he was pipped for the bronze medal.

South Of England Road Relays

There was a small contingent of TAC masters in the teams.  Top of the tree was Elle Baker who ran the third fastest 3rd leg over the shorter 5km in 17.48.    Lucy Pitcairn-Knowles was drafted in to complete the team at the last minute and ran 21.54, holding the team in 23rd place.

In the Mens race Joe Watts interrupted his marathon training to run the 18.47 on his 5km leg.   Mark P-K was also completing the B team that finished 31st and ran a frustrating 20.01, again holding his position.

Phil Coleman
Phil ran his first 10K as M55 last Sunday in Eastleigh 10K.  He was quite rightly pleased with 38:01, finishing 2nd M55, 11 seconds behind 1st.  This was a high quality 10K won in 30:15 by Richard Allen from Aldershot.  Fast, flat course with over 2500 finishers - he finished 107th overall.

Henry Andrews London Landmarks Half Marathon

Henry ran this half in 1.42.22 and looks to have run a positive split increasing his pace steadily throughout the race to finish 36th of 465 in the  M50 category.

SCVAC Kent Vets Track And Field League

The first meeting is now just over a month away on Friday 3rd May at Sutcliffe Park 6.45pm start.

Fri 3rd May Sutcliffe Park
Mon 13th may. Dartford
Fri 31st May. Tonbridge 
Mon 10th June Medway
Mon 24th June. Ashford 
Fri 19th July. Bexley

Events at the first meeting are:

400m   M & W 35, 50 and 60
3000m. M & W 35 and 50
Triple Jump.  M & W 35, 50 and 60
Pole Vault.  M 35 and 50
Javelin W 35, 50 and 60. (no non scoring)
Javelin M 35 and 50 (no non scoring)

Please can you let me know if you are definitely available or not.    Remember we have A & B runners in the 35 age group.   We also have two women's teams and it looks like the Womens Div 2 will have at least 5 teams competing now.   It is a great event to run or jump as a non scorer, amongst your own age group.   Unfortunately due to time restrictions there are no non scorers in the long throws. 

National Road Relays Sat 18th May Sutton Coldfield