Masters Update 5th July 2018

SCVAC League Dartford Monday 2nd July

Congratulations to the Men’s team on winning the Division one title for the first time.  A fantastic unbeaten performance so far, where team spirit throughout the season has been the key.

Another hard fought win at Dartford, where yet again it was a complete team / squad performance, in which there were changes over the last 10 days and despite 3 athletes withdrawing from the 4 x 400m on the evening we were still able to come so close to winning the race!  I am not sure a GB team could manage such last minute changes.   It is this willingness to adapt and put the team first that has won us the league.   Let’s see if we can be unbeaten in the league for the season.

This was a “Pete Ebbage” M50 evening with Pole vault and Hammer, he returned with 11 points from these two events.  Graeme Charters M60 made his league and life time debut in the Hammer, finishing 4th and I believe a new TAC record.   Despite an injury Ian Crawley M55 made it a double Pole vault win as he won the M35 AG.  

The triple jump produced two 3rd places for Steve Tester and Jason Cannon.

On the track a 400m double for an under par Steve Tester and Mark McAllister was a great start to the evening.   Jason Cannon was narrowly squeezed out to 4th in a very competitive M50 400m race.

The 3K was dominated by Medway and Blackheath, but we had solid placings with Andy Howey M55 (stepping down in AG) 4th and Simon Fraser M40 3rd in 35 A and B string respectively.   Graeme Saker M55 made his first league start this season with a 2nd place to a very sprightly M50 from Medway.   Brian Buckwell M60 was also a comfortable 2nd in the M60.

As ever the 4 x 400m produced an exciting climax to the end of proceedings.   Adam Roeder was a very able substitute as he led off in about 62 secs closing at the finish to hand over to Andy Howey who again closed strongly in the final 50m giving Mark McAllister a sniff of the leading pair. As a 200m runner he closed rapidly and at 200m tucked in and just about held 2nd/ 3rd as he handed over to Simon Fraser.   At this point Dartford and Tonbridge closed on Bexley and at the start of the home straight it was between these two.  Unfortunately, Simon was edged out by 0.6 sec, probably the 3k that he had manfully stepped up to do had taken its toll.

Women’s Team

Agonisingly, 1.5 points behind Dartford on the night, means we still lead the league, but by a single point.  In the event of a tie we have a 5 point advantage on events scores, which although small is significant considering the difference between the clubs at the previous 4 meetings has been  +4, +2, -1.5 and =.  Every point will count.

As with the men’s team there were plenty of changes taking place to the team line up.   Maria Heslop bravely won the W50 400m, but wisely decided to withdraw due to injury from the 3K as she lined up to start.  Here the advantage of having a Div 2 team allowed Clare Day to switch numbers and join Nichola Evans in the Div 1 race, where they helped each other to 3rd and 1st in the A and B string W35 race.     Lucy P-K paced her race very smoothly as she took the front after 2 laps and steadily pulled away from the field.   Sue James has stiff competition in the W60 3k but is showing her return to form as she was 4th.

Lisa Knight had opened the evening with an impressive run in the 400m 35A string to win quite comfortably.   At the start of a busy evening of 4 events Nina Ridge had produced a very strong final 100m to take 2nd in the B string.   Nina then moved on to the Triple jump where she was only 7 cm short of first place.   Sally Vine unusually having only one event was 3rd in the W50 Triple jump. 

Nina then produced a PB in the W35 Hammer to win the competition and in so doing extended her own TAC W40 record by almost 2 metres to 25.05m, with Di Bradley 3rd in the W50 AG.

The high jump appeared to be tricky in the windy conditions on the night as heights cleared were generally lower and unfortunately it appears that we missed out on position due to count back with Lucy PK (W50) 5th and Sarah Westrap (W35) 4th.  However, Nicky Buckwell was close to her best as she took 2nd in the W60 AG.  Like Sally after some hectic evenings recently, this was her only event.

The relay was a highlight as Sasha Houghton made a comeback to start the team in 3rd place, with Nichola Evans and Nina Ridge both producing really strong finishes to put Lisa 2nd, but about 30m down on Dartford at the start of the final leg.  Lisa caught and passed the Dartford runner at the 200m point and never looked liked fading in the finishing straight.


The Division 2 Women’s team won again despite their team being disrupted at regular intervals during the week and on the evening itself.  There were some really strong performances and having two teams was invaluable when Clare was able to step in to Div 1 team and replace Maria on the start line.   The relay team also came from behind to beat Swanley, with pretty even splits throughout the team and Carla Caswell showing that training is over rated!! 

There had been wins for Edina W50 (3k, 400m and Triple Jump),  Deniz Bowart Triple Jump and Angie Crush 400m 35B.

They have now won the Womens Div 2 league assuming we win a point at the final match.  The league rules state that no club can have 2 teams in Div 1, so there will be no promotion, but this is a great achievement and is important to ensure there is healthy competition in Div 2 as well as providing TAC athletes an opportunity to take part in Track and Field and supporting the Div 1 team.

The Div 2 team is very much part of the Div 1 team, as quite a number have contributed points to the Div 1 team at various points of the season to date and it is great to have times, distances and heights to be able to base team selections on.

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SCVAC League Gillingham Monday 16th July

So, to the final meeting of the league season.   The men are in the fortunate position of simply needing to turn up and win a point to secure the title.   However, the Women’s Div 1 team have to be at their strongest to defend their 1 point lead over Dartford.   There is a trophy at stake here!

The Tonbridge Track is due to be replaced and the work is due to start next week, so if you require practice for the Discus or High Jump, this weekend maybe the last opportunity before the 16th.   Pole Vault, Shot and Long jump will not be effected.    I believe a number of the Women are planning to train on Sunday morning.  Perhaps a relay practice?

I have created an availability sheet, please confirm as soon as possible.   As usual this is a rough guide until we know who is definitely available.

Bewl Water 15 Mile

Tina Oldershaw went to one of her favourite races and showed she has recovered from recent niggles as she was 2nd Female and 1st Vet Lady, in what must have been testing conditions.