TAC Masters Update 26th April 2018

London Marathon

On a tough day for marathon running, Maria Heslop again led the way as she was first W50 lady in the London Marathon in a time of 2.56.56.   She was 18th non elite woman and 8 minutes ahead of the next W50,  she was also second vet overall with only one W40 ahead of her.   This is a TAC women’s record and a PB by 1 second!!   Apparently this was with two comfort breaks.    She reports that 18 miles onwards was tricky but she felt fine on Monday and ready for the relays!!  It looked like she and Matt Dennis ran together for a fair bit of the route back from Canary Wharf.

Julian Rendall was another to break a record as he lowered the club M40 record to 2.44.29.   As with many he was on target for something quicker until the conditions took their toll.    Julian was 39th in the M40 category, showing the quality of the field.

Alan Buckle was on track for 2.59 up until halfway but as with Maria and Julian slipped back to finish in 3.16.34 for 50th in the 55-59 category.  The winner of this age group ran an amazing 2.37.22 .   Alan reports that he went off far too fast for the conditions and is “very stiff” now!

Penny Pilbeam looked to have paced her race best of all as she ran 3.35.27. to be 75th in the W45 AG. 

Daniel Crush, who had been “cramming” his training over the last few weeks, showed his determination to finish in 3.41.58.  

James Winnifrith 3.20.44 did well after running Brighton two weeks before, although I think he was hoping for nearer 3 hours but had to accept conditions were not right for this.

Nicky Slack found it one of the hardest things she has ever done and will not be repeating the experience!!!!

Road Relays

Unfortunately, Sasha Houghton and Tony Cohen are both injured and unable to race on Saturday.  So, the teams are as follows.

W45    Tina Oldershaw, Lucy PK and Maria Heslop
M45     Andy Wood, Tobin Bird, Phil Coleman*, Mark PK
M55    Graeme Saker, Alan Newman*, Cain Bradley* / Brian Buckwell*, possibly Maurice Marchant.

I am finalising travel arrangements, but those marked with an asterisk* will travel independently.

SCVAC League Meeting Monday 30th April

Sutcliffe Park, Eltham. http://www.cambridgeharriers.org.uk/sutcliffe.php

I have attached a team sheet for Div 1 Men and Women.   I have listed the women whom I believe are available for the Div 2 team, Alan Newman will finalise the Div 2 team, although there may be late changes.

Please allow plenty of time before your event to warm up etc. In the event of an issue please make sure you contact me or someone on the team so we can attempt to cover your event.

These meetings are a great opportunity to have a go at an event, non scorers are allowed in all events apart from the Long throws (Discus, Hammer, Javelin)    To register as a non scorer go to the scorers office and simply fill in a form and hand it in.   These events are free to enter under the team entry.    It is very helpful to have athletes registering times.  There are plenty of lifts available after the event for those that have gone straight from work etc.   Kidbrook Station is 5 stops from London Bridge Station, then about a 10 minute walk to the track. Since the refurbishment and new build at Sutcliffe Park I understand that there is no car parking on site, find parking in local roads.

For those that are new to these events.   Points are awarded according to finishing position,  1st place = 6 points   6th place = 1 point.   In some events such as Pole Vault there may only be 2 or 3 competitors so last place can score 4, 5 or even 6 points!

The events are split into age groups 35+ 50+ and 60+.   On the track there are two scorers for the 35+ AG   an A and B scorer, just one for the 50 and 60 AG’s.   In the field there is just one scorer.

The winning team is the team with the highest total of points.