TAC Masters Update - 9th July 2017

SCVAC Vets League - Bexley 7th July

So, the ladies are definitely going to Ashford South East finals day after a brilliant team win on Friday night, it just shows what hard work was going on in the field events!  We are now 8 points clear of 3rd placed Cambridge with a maximum of 6 available at Medway.  What a nice position to be in, done and dusted!

Grim traffic resulted in a tight schedule for Antonia Skerritt who almost had a rolling start in the 400m B string straight from the car, but almost snatched victory in the final strides, before taking 2nd W35 B in 3K and then a blistering 400m split of 1.09.18 (unofficial off the video), effectively 15 points!!   The Ladies 4 x 400m relay was a TAC over 35 record and what was apparent was the strength our Ladies showed in the closing stages of each leg.  (Sasha 1.12.75, Rachael 1.16.82 and Ruth 1.10.00)  At 7 secs off Dartford, potentially with Emma Wood and Nina in the squad again for the finals we can overhaul Dartford.

4 x 400m relay squad Sasha, Antonia, Rachael and Ruth

Lucy PK W50 had another busy night securing 2nd in the 3k, 3rd in the high jump with a PB of 1.15 and a frustrating 3rd in the 400m by only 1 tenth of a second!  Nicky Buckwell was 2nd in the Triple jump W50 and 3k W60 (we all owe you for that!)   Fiona Argent secured 2nd W60 in the high jump, although the dubious official work here was frustrating.

Sally Vine only picked up a Hammer for the first time last week and went straight to 2nd in the W50 !! This was despite falling head first while out running this week and sporting some impressive bruises! Ruth Bingham was also having a first attempt at the TJ and was relieved to find that the Vets have an extra take off board and that she was able to make the sandpit to be 3rd W35 with 7.17m

Sasha Houghton had a stressful start to her 3k (2nd and PB by 11 secs) as she waited at the high jump to hopefully take the next height, however on her return she was delighted to hear that she had won as her competition had failed at that height. 


We had a couple of league debuts.  Julian Rendall earned valuable points as he held off strong challenges from first Medway and then Cambridge in the final 150m to be 2nd A string in the 3 k.   Tony Fullbrook also made his debut in the 3K as a non scorer and equipped himself well.

With a combination of 400m, 3K  and 4 x 400m it was always going to be a tough night for Simon Fraser!  John Ridge was stuck in Scotland so TJ was added to his duties!  Although Mark McAllister stepped in here (3rd 8.99m) with Jason taking 4th  8.60m in the M50.   However non scoring Mark De’ath showed his ability with 9.45m and was able to walk away uninjured just!!   Meanwhile Simon had a titanic battle in the 400m as he overhauled Medway in the final metres to win the M35 A string.   He then won the M35 B 3K TWICE having put in his finishing sprint a lap early and in the process ran a PB!!   From where I was in the race it appeared that Andy Howey made light weight of the M50 3K as he strode away into the distance.    Alan Buckle ran his target time of 10.40 as a non scorer for a PB.

Anthony Bickley ran a 3 second PB in the M35 B 400m of 57.6 but understandably felt hard done by as he was 4th in what turned out to be a high class B string race.   He then followed this up with 57.86 for the second leg of the 4 x400m putting us right into contention.   Mark McAllister 60.07, Jason Cannon 62.67 and Simon Fraser 56.09 (all unofficial from video) brought the team home in 3.57 for a new TAC vets record.

4 x 400m relay Anthony, Simon, Jason and Mark

Ian Crawley was able to concentrate on the Pole Vault, which he took full advantage of to clear 2.90m and equal the TAC M50 record held by Pete Ebbage.    Brian Buckwell again showed his versatility as he took 3rd place in the M60 3k in which he is up against a couple of very strong opponents.

The heroes of the evening were Pete Brenchley, Dan Crush, Richard Puxty and Steve Brooks who all made a big effort to get to Bexley through awful traffic to take part in the Hammer and Pole Vault, events that I think it is fair to say none of them are naturals at! They tallied a total of 7 points, exactly what we beat Medway by!   It is a real team event.  

The next event is a week on Monday at Medway, we can relax and enjoy this!

Full results  http://www.scvac.org.uk/SCVAC%20Kent%20League%20Erith%20Results%2007072017.pdf

Relay video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jZOxxnnMvE

400m    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjWkIea7mkQ

3K Mens only  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qydz2W9y4oo

SCVAC Vets league area finals  3rd September

Please note this will be an all day event!  Bring the family!   I am not sure how the officials duty will be shared.
Events included (if it is the same as last year) in each age group are below

Park Run

It has been a great couple of Saturdays for the vets in Pete Mason’s training group, as first Adam Roeder went sub 20 mins for the first time 19.47 at Tonbridge, with Richard Tosh also running a PB in 21.41.

Then, today Henry Adams ran a 23.19 PB at Tonbridge and Mark PK ran a life time PB for Parkrun 5k of 18.40 at Bromley.   Consistent training is paying off.

Julian Rendall

Julian was 3rd overall in the North Downs 30km multi terrain race showing his versatility!

Vets Team Events for the second half of the year

The South of England Road Relays

are now set for the Sunday 24th September at Crystal Palace.   The Ladies vets team is simply over 40’s (4 in a team).    The men’s have age groups 40, 50 and 60 (4 per team).  I hope that we can have a Ladies team, M40 and M50 teams as this is on our doorstep.   We are defending M50 champions so it would be good to put in a strong performance.   Each leg is about 4.5km for the ladies and 6km for the men.    As the whole event is taking place on one day again (all junior AG, Vets and seniors) I expect the vets race to be mixed in with the seniors which is not ideal.

BMAF XC Relays

These take place near Nottingham on the 28th October and we have not done them before.   I would like to take a team or two as talking to other teams who have done them they sound fun and worth the trip.

Kent Vets XC

Will be first Saturday of December at Dartford, team and individual.

South of England XC champs

9th December at Oxford, team and individual.

BMAF XC champs

Inverness, Sat 17th March 2018.   I have booked flights from Gatwick £40 return.

PUT these dates in the diary!!