TAC Masters Update - 22nd June 2017

SCVAC Vets League - Dartford 19th June

Another great result where our strength in depth and adaptability shone through to achieve 2nd place in both the women’s and men’s divisions.   Apart from some winning performances on the night there were some crucial points gained throughout the Mens and Women’s teams.  

The men’s team must thank Maurice Marchant and Pete Brenchley who both stepped up to gain M60 5th place in 200m and Javelin respectively, 2 points each.   We were 2.5 points ahead of 3rd place Medway!   John Ridge had his first go at High Jump 3rd and 2k walk 3rd.   When he pointed out that Walking is what he does for a living in the army there was no hesitation that he would step in for the injured Steve Brooks.  Both John M45 and Richard Christian 1st M50 set new TAC AG records.


Martin Hillier gained another 2 points with a PB in the Shot Put.    Ian Crawley was a busy man as he also did a PB Shot Put 10.10 for second place, as well as winning M50 high jump and 4th in a very strong M50 javelin competition.  Mark White was as committed as ever achieving 3rd place in the M35 Javelin.

It was great to see Mark McAllister back on form after a recent “back injury blip” as he gained revenge on the fast finishing M&M athlete.to take 0.9 sec off his time at Ashford!

There were some impressive non scoring times in the 200m, particularly Anthony Bickley 26.03.   He will step in to run 400m scoring at the next meeting.

Simon Fraser was flat out to secure 2nd place in the 200m A string then looked comfortable as he cruised to the front at 150m to go in the 1500m and won with some ease.   Graeme Saker backed this up with 1st in M50 although Graeme required his renowned finishing pace to secure 1st.   Andy Howey followed up his South Downs Marathon relay (6.5 miles each) at the weekend with 2nd in the M35 B string.


The Ladies continued with their progress and were only 5 points off Dartford at the end.   At the start of the season it would have been unthinkable that we could have fielded 4 different Pole Vault scorers over the two PV competitions.  With Nicky away and Nina (protecting her calf niggle, more of that later) Irena Postlova and Angie Crush stepped in.  Irena WON the W50 with a first time clearance at 1.70.  She had required 3 attempts at 1.60 but showed great determination.    Angie was gaining great height but needs a little more forward movement to clear the bar, but still cleared 1.60 and 3rd place, 10 points, which was the difference between TAC and Cambridge at the end.   No more PV till September 3rd now, so plenty of time to hone those skills.

Poor Nina chose to ignore her instinct that she should not run (like many of us before her!!) and unfortunately tore her calf in the 200m.  However when I suggested that she withdraw from the Shot Put I realised I had said the wrong thing and she promptly went out and threw 6.84 (Club record) to be narrowly beaten into 2nd place by 3cm!  Irena threw a TAC W50 record as a non scorer.


We started the evening with very good sprint results, Ruth Bingham and Di Wright 2nd in the W35 A and B string.   Irena Postolova 1st W50 and Fiona Argent 3rd W60.   Meanwhile the javelin throwers Val Simpson and Sally Vine,who are both novices this year were in action securing 3rd and 2nd respectively.  Val is still searching for the 18m competition throw that she has achieved in training, but still gained a W45 club record of 16.06m.

On a hot evening for distance running there was a tight racein the 1500m W35, Sasha Houghton 3rd W35 A, Antonia Skerritt 2nd W35 B and Lucy PK 1st W50 (TAC Record).    Rachael Fagg was a fast finishing 2nd behind Lucy. 
The evening concluded with the 2K walks.  Di Bradley W55 and Sasha Houghton W45 both set new TAC records.   Di had to have a little break to let her breathing calm, but still set a record and Sasha was able to entertain the onlookers while clearly getting into her stride!


Thank so much to all those who did officials duty and assistance, in particular JT and Alan for Starting duties, John Sanders, Tony Fullbrook, Frank Czarnowski, Steve Brooks, Richard Puxty, Jason Cannon, Sophie Vine, Anne Brenchley who all helped ensure that the Javelin ran very smoothly.  Tim Fagg and Ray Clark on track duty.

Results at http://www.scvac.org.uk/SCVAC%20Kent%20League%20Dartford%20Results%2019062017.pdf

Videos available at
W200 races https://youtu.be/v4E1ly7yDZE
M200 M50 and M60 and NS https://youtu.be/FJQuBDVHRYA
Unfortunately no M35 A & B 200m race videos.
M1500 https://youtu.be/-o6V8dltZWU
W1500 https://youtu.be/WY4hNa_Ndro
Field https://youtu.be/J2zQ8esHq0o


Club records set on the night

W40 SP Nina Ridge 6.84m (on one leg)
W45 2000m Walk Sasha Houghton 13:29.4 sec
W45 JT Val Simpson 16.06m
W50 1500m Lucy Pitcairn-Knowles 5:48.7 sec
W50 PV Irena Postlova  1.70m
W50 SP Irena Postlova 6.59m
W55 2000m Walk Diane Bradley 12:22.0 sec
W55 SP Diane Bradley 6.79m
W70 200m Anne Brenchley 42.3 sec
M45 2000m Walk John Ridge 11:38.7 sec
M50 2000m Walk Richard Christian 11:41.9 sec
M55 1500m Graeme Saker 4:35.6
M50 SP Ian Crawley 10.10m