TAC Masters Update - 18th May 2017

2nd SCVAC Vets League Match at Ashford

What a great night at Ashford for the TAC vets team.   The Men were second on the night and are now second overall.    The ladies trumped this with a first win in Division one for TAC, this also puts them second overall in what looks like being a very tight top 3 with Dartford and Blackheath.   The key to our result was the number of team members (both non-scoring and scoring) who travelled to Ashford to take part.   It was noticeable that practice had paid off particularly in the long jump where an improvement of 50cm converted 5th place to 3rd place for both Lucy and Nina.   Di Bradley, Pete Brenchley, Val Simpson and Mark Davies in the Discus were also rewarded with records and more points.  The only casualty of the night was Ian Crawley who unfortunately had a hamstring incident on the final leg of the 4 x 100 Mens non-scoring relay.   Hopefully it is not as bad as initially it looked, I also understand that the baton was shaken up but was not injured and has fully recovered!  Share his pain here https://youtu.be/MvJY7fGvoBY

Interestingly at this early stage of the season the Men were watching out for how we were doing against Medway and Maidstone (we tied 2nd in the first match), but they finished 5th, which was perfect for us as we are now a few points clear in second place.    The top two will qualify for the end of season finals (with Hampshire, London, Essex etc) and we really can target this for both the Men and Women.  

As ever the relays were very exciting, the Men ran a new vets record and appeared to have 3 good handovers, but such is the quality of the race they were 3rd.   The Ladies were a close second, however 2 of the 3 handovers were hesitant and we will need to get these up to speed before the next meeting where there is another 4 x 100m, a couple of seconds can be knocked off the time with slick speedy handovers.


Great Debuts for Karin Giannone, Tobin Bird, Antonia Skerritt, Irena Postlova and Val Simpson.  Lots of nerves before, but everyone performed well and hopefully achieved personal targets, experience as well as valuable points for the team where required.    Val Simpson set a new club record in the Discus even though I know she was disappointed on the night.    I also hope that Irena is delighted with her 200m club record, she kept her form well even in the presence of Helen Godsell (B&B) who is a European veteran champion W60 and leading W60 in Britain.    Ben Reynolds time in the 1500m puts him top of the National M50 rankings so far this year. All Club records listed below.

W35 4X100m 57.6 sec (Diane Wright, Nina Ridge, Karin Gianone, Emma Wood)
W45 200m Emma Wood 27.1 sec (also breaking her W40 record from 2012)
W45 DT Val Simpson 14.26m
W50 200m Irena Postlova 33.4 sec
W50 1500m Lucy Pitcairn-Knowles 5:50.4 sec
W50 LJ Lucy Pitcairn-Knowles 3.18m
W55 DT Diane Bradley 19.13m
W60 1500m Nicola Buckwell 7:38.5 sec
M35 4X100m 50.9 sec (Jason Cannon, Mark McAllister, Richard Christian, Simon Fraser)
M45 DT (2.00) Mark Davies 38.29m
M70 DT (In M60 comp) Peter Brenchley 17.47m

HIGHLIGHTS PACKAGE at https://youtu.be/H5ZDnaQc4vs  the music will bring nostalgic memories to most of us!

Full results at http://www.scvac.org.uk/SCVAC%20Kent%20League%20Julie%20Rose,%20Ashford%20Results%2015052017.pdf

Looking ahead to Friday June 2nd at Tonbridge for the next league match

Being a home event we will need to cover a number of officials duties as well as the Javelin and I have also been asked by Dartford if we can provide a judge at the Shot Put.    Anyone who is available to help will be greatly appreciated, non qualified for collecting Javelins and shot put is a great help.   Anyone who is injured or would like to come along and see what a vets league event is like could be involved!  Friends and family.

Duncan Ralph Seaford Half marathon

“I managed to sneak in at just under 2 hours (1:59:37) at the Seaford Half Marathon on Sunday.
No issues with adductor and four and a half minutes quicker than when I ran it in 2014.

Really nice hilly course -  Fingers-crossed for Edinburgh in two weeks time.”

BMAF National Relay Teams this Saturday

You should have all received details re travel, any queries please contact me.   I think both Ladies teams and the M55 teams can finish considerably higher than previous bests.

Below are the teams in leg order that I will be entering.    These can be changed at the venue so if there are any travel issues please let me know 07780728942.