TAC Masters Update - 25th March 2017

Southern Road Relays at Cyclopark 25th March

There were a number of TAC vets drafted in to make up the Mens B team at the Southern 12 stage relays.

Julian Rendall M40 was running 3rd leg (long) in the A team and put in an impressive shift early on (21.08) as part of the winning team.

John Ridge M45 (16.29), Andy Wood M50 (17.35), Alan Buckle M55 (16.32) Short legs 4.26km,  Simon Fraser M40 (22.33) and Mark PK M50 (25.32) long legs 6.38km, all did their bit for the B team that finished 31st on a windy day that tested the resolve at times. 

In the Ladies race Clare Day W35 made her debut for TAC running the second long leg (26.25) for the A team.     Sasha Houghton (short leg 17.26) brought the team home in 13th place.

Lucy PK W50 (27.24)  and Nina Ridge W40 (28.13) ran the long legs for the B team, showing great determination and experience to pace themselves.

I think we all enjoyed our races, however from my point of view on the 11th leg I was passed by quite a number of athletes, however I had no idea if I was losing a place or being lapped.   In fact according to results I did not lose any places, but mentally I did feel that I was going backwards!!


Claire Day & Alan Buckle

Masters National XC Champs results update

The organisers had apparently retracted their statement in which individuals were not able to score in their age group as an individual if they chose to be included in a lower age group team.   As a result we can confirm that Lucy PK did win the Silver medal in the W50.   http://bmaf.info/  Statistics-Results.    This rule has also been changed for the upcoming 10km race at the Cyclopark .  At present we will have a team in M45 of Mark PK, John Ridge and Graeme Saker.   

Closing date for the BMAF 10k at Cyclopark is this Sunday 2nd April.

Alan Buckle

Alan Buckle ran the Hasting half marathon last week, part of his second claim club Wadhurst , as they defend their Grand Prix title from 2016. According to Alan he found it tough, however conditions were far from ideal with strong winds particularly along the sea front. 1hr 30min 33sec 104th 77% age graded.

Good Luck to all those racing Paddock Wood half this weekend.

TAC Open Meeeting Monday 17th April

This is a great opportunity to have a go and get used to an event before the first vets meeting.    I think all the field events are on offer apart from triple jump.    The jumps are split for those below certain heights etc.

Please enter in advance as it is 33% cheaper but more importantly makes administration much easier on the night when it comes to results.

On the track there are some unusual sprint distances 150m and 300m for the sprints.    Then 1500m and 3k. 

Sunday 23rd April Pre league team Practice Gathering

This will be an opportunity for practice at various events, including relays.

Pole vault practice will be on most Sundays from 10.30-12.00 

1st Vets League meeting on Friday 28th April 6.45pm at Blackheath and Bromley   (400m (+60), 3k, TJ, Hammer, Men Pole Vault )

BMAF Relays Sutton Coldfield 20th May

The closing date for these relays that are one of the highlights of the vets TEAM racing calendar is quite early on the 28th April.   I enter the teams and the club pays for entry.

Teams are 10 year age groups from 35 upwards for both Men and Women.    Men 35, 6 in a team, M45 4 in a team, W35 4 in a team and the rest are 3 in a team.    Each athlete runs 3 miles, you will find your times are about 1 minute quicker than Tonbridge Park Run.  

The ladies race starts at 10.30am.     The journey in a car can be done in 2.30-45 mins early on a Saturday.   I anticipate cars leaving at about 6.50am to allow time to warm up and check the course.  Ladies will be able to get home by about 2.30pm if they want.   Men will be able to leave a little later if they want, Races at 12.15 and 2pm.   

Alan Bennett has kindly offered the option to drive a minivan, this will be a bit slower but was fun when we did this before.

I would like to hear from you now if you intend to take part.    We potentially could have a decent M35 team, but need to hear Yes or No so I can keep others updated.

For a taste of the event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cwohq9aRpk

Pictures from Southern Relays

Pictured below are Andy Wood, Julian Rendall, Lucy PK, Nina Ridge, Simon Fraser & Sasha Houghton encouraging Sean as she passed him??